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04 October 2022

Fabian Liebel is a speaker at the Annual Forum on Law and Tax - RuSt 2022

The DSC attorney gives updates on the topic Banking

01 September 2022

Fabian Liebel: On the payout claim for small-amount savings books

This article first appeared in ZFR, one of Austria’s leading journals for financial market law.

10 August 2022

Alexander Russ at the ARS seminar

Alexander Russ, attorney at law in cooperation with DSC, is speaker at the ARS Seminar

01 June 2022

Markus Kellner speaks at the Austrian Lawyers Association (Österreichischer Juristentag)

The banking law expert discusses the topic of enforcement in consumer rights.

Corporate News
05 October 2022

DSC honors the winners of the Raimund Bollenberger Award

Congratulations to the award winners Johannes Angyan and Alexander Wilfinger.

31 October 2022

Fabian Liebel is a speaker at the Bankrechtsforum 2022

The DSC Attorney is focusing on current questions concerning Austrian banking secrecy.

Corporate News
03 November 2022

DSC welcomes Martin Legath

The lawyer joins the firm's banking law practice as of October 2022 as an Associate.

07 March 2022

Fabian Liebel on the breaking of banking secrecy vis-à-vis the guardianshop court

This article first appeared in ZFR, one of Austria’s leading journals for financial market law.

21 December 2022

Fabian Liebel: The Bank Guarantee in Austrian Law

The article was published in the Graf von Westphalen handbook.

Corporate News
22 February 2023

Apply now for the Raimund Bollenberger Award 2023!

Submissions will be accepted until 31 May 2023.

Good to Know
20 February 2023

New ECJ decision on early loan repayment

Markus Kellner speaks with the Austrian daily Die Presse.

14 March 2023

Martin Legath publishes article in BankArchiv

The DSC associate comments on a recent decision of the Austrian Supreme Court.

Corporate News
03 April 2023

Isabelle Vonkilch and Lena Werderitsch receive the Raimund Bollenberger Award 2022

The official ceremony took place on March 30, 2023 at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

29 March 2023

Simon Drobnik: The UK Limited post Brexit

The article was published in Zeitschrift für Europarecht, Internationales Privatrecht & Rechtsvergleichung.

12 April 2023

JUVE Rankings & Analyses: Banking and Finance / Capital Markets

DSC is once again among the leading Austrian law firms.

27 April 2023

Markus Kellner is speaker at the spring meeting of the EFCC Legal Committee

 The DSC partner will discuss the ECJ ruling C-555/21.

08 May 2023

Paper by Markus Kellner and Fabian Liebel

Paper by Markus Kellner and Fabian Liebel in the ÖJZ.

31 May 2023

Article by Fabian Liebel in the BankArchive

Our expert discusses current issues of banking secrecy.

Awards & Rankings
06 June 2023

Marielena Plieseis receives the 2023 Banking Association Award (Bankenverbandspreis)

This is the fifth award for her outstanding dissertation.

20 September 2023

Martin Legath on ECJ and Caixabank - new developments

The article has been published in the renowned ÖJZ.