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30 November 2022

Are you an aspiring top attorney?

Then you have come to the right place! We want you to achieve your full potential, which is why we provide direct contact with clients, court experience and exam preparation with a pass rate of over 95 %. It might surprise you to hear this from a law firm, but we do everything we can to create the ideal work/life balance of our employees, including flexible office and remote working options. We demonstrate our appreciation for you by offering a variety of opportunities for advancement, immediate feedback and above-average pay.

In return, we expect our employees to be enthusiastic about the legal profession, flexible, empathetic, stress-resistant, proactive and willing to go the extra mile. We want you to become the best in your field while demonstrating the necessary soft skills.

Are you a highly organized Executive Assistant?

Then it’s time we got to know each other! You can expect a pleasant working atmosphere and fixed working hours. At DSC, you’ll never be asked to do spontaneous work assignments or night shifts. We offer you an interesting and varied job and a variety of training and professional development opportunities. Because we want you to have the chance to develop and grow beyond yourself. We value each and every employee, which is why we offer attractive benefits and a commensurate salary.

In return, we expect you to provide professional support to our lawyers, adopt a precise and proactive approach to your work, and demonstrate your ability to work in a team along with a professional demeanor.

Does this sound like the position you are looking for?

Then send your application documents to karriere@dsc.at.

We look forward to meeting you!